Adventure Race Training with West Coast Kayaking

The kayaking section of most adventure races today is the section that gives racers the most trouble and loses them the most time. This is mainly due to inexperience in the kayaks and an inefficient paddling stroke. At West Coast Kayaking we provide half and full day courses to get the most from the kayaking section of your race.

These courses cover :

  •  Paddle Grip
  • Body positioning
  • Body rotation
  • The Forward stroke
  • Edging and turning


By improving all of these elements you will increase your speed over the water and thereby shorten your overall race time and the energy expended, by efficient use of body mechanics and the equipment. Not only will you be faster, you will also be less tired as a more efficient stroke puts less strain on the body, and so will finish the kayaking section with more energy left in reserve. More and more adventure racers are looking to improve their times on the water and these courses have been designed with that specific purpose in mind, and as such they are not suitable for complete beginners.

Get a head start for Adventure Races  and Hone your skills with Experts @ West Coast Kayaking

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