Frequently asked questions when Kayaking with West Coast Kayaking

What should I bring ?

We provide all the necessary technical equipment such as kayaks, paddles, wetsuits etc.

However some personal kit you will need to bring is :


  • Swimsuit/Togs for under your wetsuit.
  • A thermal or fleece top – no cotton please ! For under your cag to keep you nice and toastie.
  • Wetsuit booties or old runners for getting in and out – please don’t bring your brand new Nikes !
  • A large towel – both for drying and changing with.
  • Lunch including hot drink and snacks. Preferably packed in something waterproof but failing that we will have drybags. Plenty of water is important too.
  • On sunny days the reflection from the sea can be very strong indeed so bring strong factor sun cream, sunglasses and maybe a hat.

Do I need any experience ?

The simple answer is no. For all of our tours and beginner level courses no experience at all is necessary as full training will be provided and tips will be given throughout the tour and course.

What if I cant swim ?

Swimming isn’t essential – after all the plan is to stay in the boat ! However it is important to at least be comfortable in the water. Approved buoyancy aids are supplied and must be worn by everyone on our trips so if you are comfortable floating with the buoyancy aid being a strong swimmer is not essential.

What about the weather ?

The big factor for sea kayaking is the wind. Rain doesn’t affect us at all but strong winds make sea paddling hard work and not very enjoyable. The advantage of being a mobile company is that if we get bad conditions we can move to a more sheltered area. However if the winds are too strong for the experience level of the group then we will reschedule the tour for another day when the weather gods are a bit more friendly.

Will I fall in ?

A very important question most adults ask at the beginning of a trip – the kids don’t care ! The Wilderness Systems Tsunami kayaks we use are extremely stable so there should be little chance of falling in – unless you want to practice your capsize drills or cool down quickly !

What if I need to cancel ?

Your booking deposit will be refunded if you need to cancel up to 48 hours before a tour or course. After that we will be happy to reschedule with you at another time.


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